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Denver, Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm

Frerich Law Firm, P.C. is a boutique firm that specializes in criminal defense. With Amy at Frerich Law Firm, P.C.
you will get experience, compassion and results. Amy has years of experience as a trial attorney and is
not afraid to fight for your rights and take your case to trial, if that will get you the best results.

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Focused On My Clients

While many people in the criminal justice industry may be motivated only by one thing – profits – you need a lawyer who is focused on you. You need someone who puts you and your situation first.

Building Blocks of My Practice

These 3 principles guide everything I do:

  • Experience
  • Compassion
  • Results


  • An answer to prayer; a Godsend!

    When I ran into a very trying situation in my life and was facing some very serious charges that would've impacted my future, Miss Frerich was straightforward and reassuring and truly helped guide me through what could have been a truly scary and emotionally painful process. She answered all of my questions with understanding and patience and was always available whenever I had any concerns.

    This was an incredibly difficult time in my life and, with Amy's help and guidance, I made it through with the best results I could have hoped for. She was an answer to prayer; a Godsend! I am thankful and blessed that I had the fortune of her representation on my case and would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone in need of her expertise.

    Thank you, Amy!
    – A. Johnson – Aurora, CO
  • Personable, Reliable, and Knowledgeable

    Amy was a very personable, reliable and knowledgeable lawyer. I knew every possible situation before walking in to them. Amy was present at every hearing and never failed to return a call or message within the same day. I would highly recommend her and very happy that I chose to retain her!
    – K. Johnson
  • Knowledgeable, Professional, Compassionate

    I unfortunately needed a criminal defense attorney and was pleased with Ms. Frerich's knowledge, professionalism and compassion. She took the time to explain my case so that I understood all aspects of the case. She didn't "sugar coat" any aspect of my case which in hindsight, I appreciated. She kept me calm during my process and she was calm and professional. She allowed me to make payments which was very helpful.
    – Holly
  • I was very happy with her

    Amy did a great job for me and I was very happy with her. I would definitely recommend her to other people. I was involved in a car accident and she negotiated a very good plea bargain for me.
    – E. F.
  • Straight forward and honest

    After receiving my 2nd DUI I got in touch with Amy. She was very straight forward and honest with me about my case, which meant I was always aware of every possibility. During my pending 2nd DUI I made the stupid choice to drive again and I ended up receiving my 3rd DUI. Amy showed me no judgment and openly accepted both cases at a incredible rate. Amy went to bat for me in front of both judges and I received only the minimum sentence of 10 days in work release for my second charge and almost the minimum for the 3rd. I could not be more happy with the outcome of my cases with the help from Amy. If there are any other services I need (which I won't), Amy will definitely be the first one I call hands down.
    – Joseph
  • I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

    After working with Amy through a personal case, I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Amy handled herself professionally throughout the entire uncertainty. She gave her personal advice as well as her expertise in decision making situations. I got every possible outcome explained to me before anything happened so that I could be prepared for anything. Nothing came up short of what Amy had predicted.

    Following the sentencing of my case, there have been situations in which I have needed legal advice or just calming confirmation from her and she has always given me feedback within a day from reaching out to her. She is very personable and you can always rely on her no matter what the situation may be. I was very happy with the decision to retain Amy!
    – Kori
  • Best Lawyer in Denver

    I've worked with several lawyers over the past 20 years in both a business and personal basis. I can say without a doubt that Amy is the "Best Lawyer in Denver". A lot of other lawyers will simply take your money -- show up on your court appearance dates and never talk to you. Amy meets with you, discusses the case, gets investigators involved and works with the District Attorneys to dismiss the case before you go to trial. Her rates are very fair and more competitively priced than her competition. She isn't trying to drag the case out to get more money -- she is trying to get the charges dismissed or limited in punishment. She takes a personal interest in you and your case. If you need to call her, she gets you her cell phone number and email address. She wants to be easily reachable.

    This was by far the most approachable attorney I have ever worked with. I firmly believe that she is very talented lawyer -- and can be trusted to handle your case in an effective manner. No question about it -- Best Denver Lawyer.
    – Jerry
  • Amy is incredibly knowledgeable.

    Amy was referred to me by a friend and it has been one of the best professional referrals I have been given to date. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of criminal defense and has always been "on the ball" with any issue that has come up in my case. I've never had trouble contacting her or getting an immediate response and would recommend her to anyone that is in need of her particular services. She's been a blessing that I could never give enough thanks for!!!
    – Angela
  • I would recommend her to anyone.

    Amy did an excellent job of getting my daughter's juvenile record cleared and made a very difficult, convoluted process so easy and stress free! I would recommend her to anyone that needs a quality lawyer. I can't say enough about her professionalism and time. Definitely, if I have to have another lawyer I would go with Amy.
    – Melissa
  • Amy knows the business and understands the law.

    When I found out I was charged with a felony offense, I was shocked to say the least. A good friend of mine who works in the court system recommended The Law Firm of Richard Bloch to represent me. He told me he saw Amy Frerich and Richard Bloch in the courtroom, and they were by far the most capable, professional attorneys he had seen in all his years of experience.

    I found out my friend was right. Ms. Frerich's knowledge of the law as well as her experience with the District Attorney's office was obvious to me right away, and it set my mind at ease. She was able to determine a course of action despite a very complicated case. Every time I called Ms. Frerich with a question, she was always one or two steps ahead of me. I was constantly amazed at her ability to do two or three tasks at once. I can guarantee Amy Frerich, Esq. is an up and coming Denver lawyer. She knows the business, understands the law, and is able to read people. Her confidence and poise in the courtroom is steady and constant. I will recommend Ms. Frerich to anyone who ever is in need of a criminal defense attorney.
    – L. H.
  • Working with Amy was easy and hassle free.

    Inever thought having to work with an attorney would be so easy and hassel free. Though the subject matter was negative the company was great. Ms. Frerich was on time to every appointment and very professional as well friendly and sympathetic to my case. I would feel very comfortable recommending her to anyone I know and confident she would work hard and achieve the any possible positive outcome. I was incredible happy with the results of my case, Thank you Amy you have no idea how much stress and confusion you were able to resolve for me!!
    – Tim
  • Amy is not afraid to fight for your rights.

    Amy uses her experience and compassion to get results! Amy is not afraid to fight for your rights during plea negotiations and into trial. Amy has helped her clients resolve cases ranging from minor traffic offenses to DUIs and from minor misdemeanor offenses to felonies. Amy will work hard for you to get you the best outcome.

    District Attorneys know criminal defense attorneys and they know who is willing to fight for you. Because Amy is willing to fight, she gets respect from the District Attorneys which means you get results!
    – Anonymous
  • I strongly recommend her.

    Amy jumped into representing me after another lawyer had botched my case. She was generous with her time, squeezing me in amidst her already full case load. She tied up the loose ends successfully. I truly appreciated her personal advocacy and professionalism on my behalf. I strongly recommend her.
    – T. C.


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