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Frerich Law Firm, P.C. is a boutique firm that specializes in criminal defense. With Amy at Frerich Law Firm, P.C. you will get experience, compassion and results. If you have found yourself unexpectedly involved with the criminal justice system, whether it’s because you have been charged with a crime, or contacted by the police to be questioned, it is imperative that you have a skilled attorney on your side. Amy will use her experience as a former prosecutor to your advantage; she understands how the prosecution puts together and prosecutes their cases. Having this inside knowledge allows Amy to help you every step of the way through the criminal process. Amy has years of experience as a trial attorney and is not afraid to fight for your rights and take your case to trial, if that will get you the best results.

Having a family member who faced the criminal justice system alone, Amy understands the difference a compassionate attorney can make. Dealing with the criminal justice system can be daunting and will likely be occupying all your thoughts. That is why you want an attorney on your side who understands the stresses of facing criminal charges. Amy’s compassion for her clients makes her easy to reach and comforting to talk to, as she will keep you informed of the progress on your case every step of the way. Amy is available to answer any questions that you may have, and makes sure you feel comfortable with the choices you are making. Amy will ensure that you understand exactly what you are being charged with, what the ramifications are from plea bargaining through sentencing, and what steps you can take to minimize the negative effects of your case in each aspect of your life.

“Amy uses her experience and compassion to get results! Amy is not afraid to fight for your rights during plea negotiations and into trial. Amy has helped her clients resolve cases ranging from minor traffic offenses to DUIs and from minor misdemeanor offenses to felonies. Amy will work hard for you to get you the best outcome. District Attorneys know criminal defense attorneys and they know who is willing to fight for you. Because Amy is willing to fight, she gets respect from the District Attorneys which means you get results!”

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